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<b>97 / <a href="">365</a>
Chameleon</b> - <a href="" rel="nofollow">on black</a>

Chameleon is the first track from herbie Hancock's 1974 album "Head Huners". It has the intro that is probably the most recognized bass riff in the whole jazz/funk hsitory, it's been sampled lots and lots of times.

Oh and I love these glasses.

<b>Strobist info:</b>
* Canon 20D | 24-70mm | f/5.6 |
* Sunpak 5000AF below right with CTO gel into silver umbrella
* Sunpak 5000AF far high right with Tough PlusGreen gel
* Sunpak 4000AF far high left with Full Blue gel

<b>Strobist setup shot: <a href="">click here</a></b>