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<i>~Cats</i>, Memory

Another shot with my favorite model. It's an interesting process - I started with an idea that was similar, then went to something that was so radically different that it didn't involve flowers at all, then came back to this shot, and after I poured some wine for the model it just clicked. And then she took one petal and places it on the glass. And it clicked some more. And there was much rejoicing. Everything happened withing one hour.

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<b>Strobist info:</b>
* Canon 20D | 70-200mm | f/4 | RAW | WB 3500 | some texture applied
* Sunpak 5000AF above with 1/4 CTO gel
* Sunpak 4000AF left with azure gel into a diffuser (sheet of paper)
* Sunpak 5000AF right behing the subject with blue gel

Sorry no strobist setup shot today.